About Us
Erma Zaden is proud to present a portion of its leading variety of advanced vegetable seeds in this site. There are some additional vegetable seeds we breed and market, as well as dozens of flower seeds.

Erma Zaden was founded in 1992 in Holland. The company develops, produces and markets its advanced vegetables seeds, mainly in Europe, Asia, America and Latino America, Africa and the Mediterranean. The seeds are selected, developed, improved and bred to be high in purity, resistance, yield and quality, widely suitable for shipment, and with long shelf life. During research and development in our highly equipped laboratory, the seeds go through highly demanding quality test procedures, and by the final stages – they are tested in top institutions, mainly in Holland. Only the best-resulted seeds are then cleaned and packed in our facilities, and delivered to customers.

We know that seeds that excel in purity and germination in one portion of the globe may not perform as expected in other portion of the globe, due to relative differences in humidity, sunlight intensity, seasonal duration and temperatures and so forth. Therefore, we are acting to grow suitable and customer adapted seeds. This can be done by means of hybridization. Our seeds are mostly F1 hybrids. Successful breeding in our experimental farms leads to the best vegetables being improved and adapted to customer’s conditions and needs. Moreover, Erma Zaden accompanies its customers at their farms, with agro-technical support from sowing to harvesting by our professional advisors.

During the years, the company has established itself as a reliable and promising company. We gained helpful experience and a nice circle of satisfied customers. Moreover, Erma Zaden’s actions are with full awareness to the environment.

We look forwards to being of service to you.
Leading Varieties
Leading Varieties Item Shani 4220 TY
Leading Varieties Item Lorca 648
Leading Varieties Item Almanda 654
Leading Varieties Item Zico 313
Leading Varieties Item Itai 2086