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Erma Zaden Quality Seeds

Erma Zaden was founded in 1992 in Holland. The company develops, produces and markets its advanced vegetables seeds, mainly in Europe, Asia, America and Latino America, Africa and the Mediterranean. The seeds are selected, developed, improved and bred to be high in purity, resistance, yield and quality, widely suitable for shipment, and with long shelf life.

Seeds Development

Our varieties are selected, developed and improved to be high in quality, resistance, yield, post-harvest life, maturity and purity using a combination of years of experience, cutting-edge technologies and traditional methods that are broadly suited to the needs of the different crops and world markets.

Seeds production

Erma Zaden produces its seeds with the highest standards worldwide offering the farmer the best quality since it is what Erma Zaden believes: QUALITY AS A WAY OF LIFE

Seeds Marketing

Erma Zaden sells its vegetable varieties in Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America, Africa and the Mediterranean, achieving world-class presence and leadership in the different crops.

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