Erma Zaden was founded in 1992 in the Netherlands.
The company develops, produces and markets its vegetable varieties in Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America, Africa and the Mediterranean.

Our varieties are selected, developed, improved and produced to be high in quality, resistance, yield, post-harvest life, maturity and purity using a combination of years of experience, cutting-edge technologies and traditional methods that are broadly suited to the needs of the different crops and world markets.

Our research and development processes in our fields and highly equipped laboratories enable us to reach a level of quality that allows the farmer to have a great experience in the course of cultivation with varieties of the highest standard worldwide.

We know that varieties that excel in some countries may not work as expected in others, due to relative differences in climate, types of soils, type of water, etc. Therefore, we work to develop and produce suitable varieties adapted to the farmer who is the heart of everything we aspire.
This is done through the process of breeding and avant-garde technologies reaching the varieties that characterizes us as a first-class company that always looks to the future achieving new trends that makes Erma Zaden the best option for the farmer.
Our seeds are F1 hybrids.
The successful development in our experimental fields leads to the improvement of our varieties and adaptation to the conditions and needs of the farmer based on the changes and new crop trends in the different world markets.

Over the years, the company has established itself as a reliable, promising and innovative company.
Achieving results and experience that led us to build an excellent circle of customers seeking the best quality in varieties of vegetables and is what Erma Zaden believes and offers: QUALITY AS A WAY OF LIFE.
All of Erma Zaden activities are in full awareness of the environment and we are fully committed to continue along this same path.